Kids Birthday Party Packages



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Colour On Fire (COF) Art Studio is Calgary’s premier paint and create birthday party space. COF birthday party packages offer creative fun and colourful paint and create activities for all ages. Looking for something different and fun for your child’s next birthday party celebration? Birthday Parties at COF are creative, fun, colourful and engaging for kids of all ages. Enjoy a paint and create birthday party for your child - paint pottery, canvas or a engage in a glass fusion project.
COF is a learning accredited art studio


Booking your party with COF means that you are agreeing with the COF Party Policy and Procedures.

Once COF has received your booking request we will call you to discuss your pottery, canvas or glass fusion choices. Please note that for all parties seating is available for those making art only. Thank you.

*Please Note:  You will be charged 50% of the retail price of any items broken in our studio as we do understand accidents happen. 

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Mix & Match Party $26.00 - $28.00/child

Our most popular birthday party package! Kids can choose from any of the pottery pieces in Studio 2!

A minimum of 8 participants/ maximum of 24

Tile Art- $26.00/child

6” tile for each guest. Tiles are the perfect canvas to design one-of-a-kind ideas. Kids can try out one of our new pottery painting techniques or do their own thing!

A minimum of 8 participants/ maximum of 24


Canvas Party (Canvas size 8" X 10") - $28.00 per participant

Kids get ready to enjoy the fun of canvas painting! Celebrate and paint your very own canvas that you can take home with you that day and proudly hang it in your home! COF Kid’s canvas painting parties includes the services of a studio attendant who will assist with painting techniques and all art supplies and materials are provided!

1) Choose an image for inspiration or create your own original artwork

2) Create an Abstract Expressionist Splatter and Drip artwork

A minimum of 8 participants /maximum of 16.

*ACRYLIC PAINT will stain clothing please wear a smock or old clothes and let your guests know this as well.  COF is not responsible for ruined clothing.


ARTwear - $28.00 per participant

Turn an everyday staple your white or black T-shirts, sneakers or dresses into a wearble work of art!


Glass Fusion Art Party – starting at $28.00 per participant

***A glass fusion birthday party is an art-making celebration for adults, teens and tweens! All participants must be age 7 and over to participate due to the nature of the art supplies and materials they will be working with. Younger guests may paint pottery or a canvas if desired.

At your party you will turn bits and stripes of specialty glass into beautiful, kiln fired one-of-a-kind glass artworks. We will show your group how to create sparkling glass artwork, cool ornaments and sun catchers, glittering glass jewelry. Glass fusion is a unique art form and the results are truly amazing.

Your party includes:

-The services of a studio attendant who will assist with designs and ideas and all of the glass and other art supplies and materials that you will require to create your artwork.

*Price of party starts as low as $28.00 per guest for a 4” clear glass base and price will vary depending on the glass base size and type chosen. Slumping techniques (8" and 10" bases only) allow the creation of larger, functional pieces like dishes, bowls and plates. Producing functional pieces generally requires 2 or more separate firings, one to fuse the glass and a second firing to slump the glass into shape. There is no additional fee for slumping.

A minimum of 8 participants /maximum of 16.

What is Glass Fusion Art?

Fused glass is glass that has been fired (heat processed) in a kiln at a range of high temperature from 593 degrees C (1099 degrees F) to 816 degrees C (1501 degrees F). There are three main distinctions for temperature application and the resulting effect on glass.

Firing in the lower ranges of these temperatures 593-677 degrees C (1099-1251 degrees F) is called “slumping”. Firing in the middle ranges of these temperatures 677-732 degrees C (1251-1350 degrees F) is considered to be a “tack fusing”. Firing the glass at the higher spectrum of this range 732-816 degrees C (1350-1501 degrees F) is considered to be a “full fuse”. All of these techniques can be applied to one glass work in separate kiln firings to add depth, relief and shape to the piece. At COF various kiln firing techniques are generally used to create glass artworks. You design it, we fire to fuse, we slump to shape you enjoy your piece!